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Shankland, Paul, Blank, David L., Boboltz, D.A., Lazio, T.J., and White, Graeme L. (2008) Further constraints on the presence of a debris disk in the multiplanet system Gliese 876. Astronomical Journal, 135 (6). pp. 2194-2198.

Shankland, P.D., Rivera, E.J., Laughlin, G., Blank, D.L., Price, A., Gary, B., Bissinger, R., Ringwald, F., White, G., Henry, G.W., McGee, P., Wolf, A.S., Carter, B., Lee, S., Biggs, J., Monard, B., and Ashley, M.C.B. (2006) On the search for transits of the planets orbiting Gliese 876. Astrophysical Journal, 653 (1). pp. 700-707.

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