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Hunt, Julie A., Baker, Tim, Cleverley, James, Davidson, Garry J., Fallick, Anthony E., and Thorkelson, Derek J. (2011) Fluid inclusion and stable isotope constraints on the origin of Wernecke Breccia and associated iron oxide – copper – gold mineralization, Yukon. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 48 (10). pp. 1425-1445.

Hunt, J.A., Baker, T., and Thorkelson, D.J. (2007) A review of iron oxide copper-gold deposits, with focus on the Wernecke Breccias, Yukon, Canada, as an example of a non-magmatic end member and implications for IOCG genesis and classification. Exploration and Mining Geology, 16 (3-4). pp. 209-232.

Hunt, Julie, Baker, Timothy, and Thorkelson, Derek (2005) Regional-scale Proterozoic IOCG-mineralized breccia systems: examples from the Wernecke Mountains, Yukon, Canada. Mineralium Deposita, 40 (5). pp. 492-514.

Laughton, John R., Thorkelson, Derek J., Brideau, Marc-André, Hunt, Julie A., and Marshall, Daniel D. (2005) Early proterozoic orogeny and exhumation of Wernecke supergroup revealed by vent facies of Wernecke Breccia, Yukon, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 42 (6). pp. 1033-1044.

Hunt, Julie (2005) The geology and genesis of iron oxide-copper-gold mineralisation associated with Wernecke Breccia, Yukon, Canada. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Hunt, J.A., Baker, T., and Thorkelson, D.J. (2003) Wernecke Breccia-associated iron oxide-Cu-Au mineralization, Yukon, Canada. In: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial SGA Meeting on Mineral Exploration and Sustainable Development (2) pp. 985-988. From: Seventh Biennial SGA Meeting on Mineral Exploration and Sustainable Development, 24-28 August 2003, Athens, Greece.

Laughton, John R., Thorkelson, Derek, Brideau, Marc-Andre, and Hunt, Julie A. (2002) Paleoproterozoic volcanism and plutonism in the Wernecke Mountains, Yukon. In: Esmond, D.S., Weston, L.H., and Lewis, L.L., (eds.) Yukon Exploration and Geology, 2001. Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, pp. 139-146.

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