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Thibault, Martin, Letourneur, Yves, Cleguer, Christophe, Bonneville, Claire, Briand, Marine J., Derville, Solene, Bustamante, Paco, and Garrigue, Claire (2024) C and N stable isotopes enlighten the trophic behaviour of the dugong (Dugong dugon). Scientific Reports, 14. 896.

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Cleguer, Christophe, Garrigue, Claire, Fuentes, Mariana M.P.B., Hamann, Mark, Payri, Claude, and Marsh, Helene (2024) Temporal changes in habitat use by dugongs in a spatially restricted coral reef environment. Pacific Conservation Biology, 30 (2). PC23036.

Cleguer, Christophe, Hamel, Melanie, Rankin, Robert, Genson, Allyson, Edwards, Chloe, Collins, Kym, Crowe, Michael, Choukroun, Severine, and Marsh, Helene (2023) 2022 Dugong Aerial Survey: Mission Beach to Moreton Bay. Report. TropWATER, James Cook University, Townsville, QLD, Australia.

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Deutsch, Charles J., Castelblanco-Martinez, Delma Nataly, Cleguer, Christophe, and Groom, Rachel (2022) Movement Behavior of Manatees and Dugongs: II. Small-Scale Movements Reflect Adaptations to Dynamic Aquatic Environments. In: Marsh, Helene, (ed.) Ethology and Behavioural Ecology of Sirenia. Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals . Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 233-298.

Bigal, Eyal, Galili, Ori, van Rijn, Itai, Rosso, Massimiliano, Cleguer, Christophe, Hodgson, Amanda, Scheinin, Aviad, and Tchernov, Dan (2022) Reduction of Species Identification Errors in Surveys of Marine Wildlife Abundance Utilising Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Remote Sensing, 14 (16). 4118.

Cleguer, Christophe (2022) Review of dugong detections from images collected during a dugong survey in New Caledonia. Report. TropWATER, James Cook University, Townsville, QLD, Australia.

Raudino, Holly C., Cleguer, Christophe, Hamel, Melanie A., Swaine, Michael, and Waples, Kelly A. (2022) Species identification of morphologically similar tropical dolphins and estimating group size using aerial imagery in coastal waters. Mammalian Biology, 102. pp. 829-839.

Cleguer, Christophe, Kelly, Natalie, Tyne, Julian, Peel, David, and Hodgson, Amanda (2021) A Novel Method for Using Small Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles to Survey Wildlife Species and Model Their Density Distribution. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8. 640338.

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Cleguer, Christophe (2015) Informing dugong conservation at several spatial and temporal scales in New Caledonia. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Fuentes, Mariana M.P.B., Cleguer, Christophe, Liebsch, Nikolai, Bedford, Guy, Amber, David, Hankin, Charlie, McCarthy, Phillip, Shimada, Takahiro, Whap, Terrence, and Marsh, Helene (2013) Adapting dugong catching techniques to different cultural and environmental settings. Marine Mammal Science, 29 (1). pp. 159-166.

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