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Tebbett, Sterling B., Streit, Robert P., Morais, Juliano, Schlaefer, Jodie A., Swan, Sam, and Bellwood, David R. (2022) Benthic cyanobacterial mat formation during severe coral bleaching at Lizard Island: The mediating role of water currents. Marine Environmental Research, 181. 105752.

Morais, Juliano, and Santos, Bráulio A. (2022) Prevalence and extent of coral diseases in shallow and mesophotic reefs of the Southwestern Atlantic. Coral Reefs, 41. pp. 1317-1322.

Tebbett, Sterling B., Morais, Juliano, and Bellwood, David R. (2022) Spatial patchiness in change, recruitment, and recovery on coral reefs at Lizard Island following consecutive bleaching events. Marine Environmental Research, 173. 105537.

Morais, Juliano, Cardoso, Aiara P.L.R., and Santos, Bráulio (2022) A global synthesis of the current knowledge on the taxonomic and geographic distribution of major coral diseases. Environmental Advances, 8. 100231.

Schlaefer, Jodie A., Tebbett, Sterling B., Bowden, Casey L., Collins, William P., Duce, Stephanie, Hemingson, Christopher R., Huertas, Victor, Mihalitsis, Michalis, Morais, Juliano, Morais, Renato A., Siqueira, Alexandre C., Streit, Robert P., Swan, Sam, Valenzuela, Jessica, and Bellwood, David R. (2022) A snapshot of sediment dynamics on an inshore coral reef. Marine Environmental Research, 181. 105763.

Morais, Juliano, Morais Araujo, Renato A., Tebbett, Sterling B., Pratchett, Morgan S., and Bellwood, David R. (2021) Dangerous demographics in post-bleach corals reveal boom-bust versus protracted declines. Scientific Reports, 11. 18787.

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