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Also publishes as (J.V. Eagle, Janelle Vinita Eagle)

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Eagle, Janelle V., Baird, Andrew H., Jones, Geoffrey P., and Kingsford, Michael J. (2012) Recruitment hotspots: consistent spatial patterns in the relative abundance of coral recruits at One Tree Island, Australia. Galaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies, 14 (1). pp. 5-22.

Pratchett, M.S., Berumen, M.L., Marnane, M.J., Eagle, J.V., and Pratchett, D.J. (2008) Habitat associations of juvenile versus adult butterflyfishes. Coral Reefs, 27. pp. 541-551.

Eagle, Janelle Vinita (2006) Recruitment hotspots around a coral reef: the roles of hydrodynamics and habitats. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Moland, Even, Eagle, Janelle V., and Jones, Geoffrey P. (2005) Ecology and evolution of mimicry in coral reef fishes. In: Gibson, R.N., Atkinson, R.J.A., and Gordon, J.D.M., (eds.) Oceanography and Marine Biology: an annual review. Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, USA, pp. 455-482.

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Eagle, Janelle V., Jones, Geoffrey P., and McCormick, Mark I. (2001) A multi-scale study of the relationships between habitat use and the distribution and abundance patterns of three coral reef angelfishes (Pomacanthidae). Marine Ecology-Progress Series, 214. pp. 253-265.

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