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Also publishes as (Jeffrey Lynn Payne)

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Payne, Jeffrey Lynn (2008) A multi-frequency analysis of radio supernova remnants and their environments in Sculptor Group SD Galaxy NGC 300 and the Small Magellanic Cloud. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Kahabka, P., Haberl, F. , Pakull, M., Millar, W.C., White, G.L., Filipovic, M.D., and Payne, J.L. (2008) Faint super-soft x-ray sources in XMM-Newton large magellanic cloud fields. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 482 (1). pp. 237-245.

Filipovic, M.D., Haberl, F. , Winkler, P.F., Pietsch, W. , Payne, J.L., Crawford, E.J., De Horta, A.Y. , Stootman, F.H., and Reaser, B.E. (2008) New XMM-Newton observations of supernova remnants in the Small Magellanic Cloud. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 485 (1). pp. 63-70.

Crawford, E.J. , Filipovic, M.D., and Payne, J.L. (2008) Radio contiuum study of the large magellanic cloud: SNR J0519-6926. Serbian Astronomical Journal, 176. pp. 59-63.

Crawford, E.J., Filipovic, M.D. , De Horta, A.Y. , Stootman, F.H., and Payne, J.L. (2008) Radio-continuum study of the supernova remnants in the large magellanic cloud: an SNR with a highly polarised breakout region: SNR J0455-6838. Serbian Astronomical Journal, 177. pp. 61-66.

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