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Page, Michael C. (2006) Late Pleistocene-Holocene deposition of mixed siliciclastic-carbonate sediments on slopes east of the Great Barrier Reef, northeast Australian margin. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Page, Michael C. , and Dickens, Gerald R. (2005) Sediment fluxes to Marion Plateau (southern Great Barrier Reef province) over the last 130 ky: new constraints on 'transgressive-shedding' off northeastern Australia. Marine Geology, 219 (1). pp. 27-45.

Hearty, Paul J., O'Leary, Michael J., Kaufman, Darrell S., Page, Michael C., and Bright, Jordon (2004) Amino acid geochronology of individual foraminifer (Pulleniatina obliquiloculata) tests, north Queensland margin, Australia: A new approach to correlating and dating Quaternary tropical marine sediment cores. Paleoceanography, 19 (PA4022). pp. 1-14.

Fielding, C.R., Trueman, J.W.H., Dickens, G.R., and Page, M. (2003) Anatomy of the buried Burdekin River channel across the Great Barrier Reef shelf: how does a major river operate on a tropical mixed siliciclastic/carbonate margin during sea level lowstand? Sedimentary Geology, 157 (3-4). pp. 291-301.

Page, Michael C., Dickens, Gerald R., and Dunbar, Gavin B. (2003) Tropical view of Quaternary sequence stratigraphy: siliciclastic accumulation on slopes east of the Great Barrier Reef since the Last Glacial Maximum. Geology, 31 (11). pp. 1013-1016.

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