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Also publishes as (Cesimiro P. Fabian, C.P. Fabian, C. Fabian)

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Fabian, C.P., Ridd, M.J., Sheehan, M.E., and Mandin, Ph. (2009) Modeling the charge-transfer resistance to determine the role of guar and activated polyacrylamide in copper electrodeposition. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 156 (10). pp. 400-407.

Mandin, Philippe, Cense, J.M., Fabian, Cesimiro, Gbado, C., and Lincot, D. (2007) Electrodeposition process modeling using continuous and discrete scales. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 31 (8). pp. 980-992.

Fabian, C.P., Ridd, M.J., and Sheehan, M.E. (2007) Assessment of activated polyacrylamide and guar as organic additives in copper electrodeposition. Hydrometallurgy, 86 (1-2). pp. 44-55.

Fabian, Cesimiro P., Mandin, Philippe, Ridd, Michael, and Sheehan, Madoc (2006) Hydrodynamic modeling of copper electrodeposition at a vertical rotating cylinder electrode. ECS Transactions, 2 (3). pp. 303-315.

Mandin, Philippe, Fabian, Cesimiro, and Lincot, Daniel (2006) Importance of the density gradient effects in modelling electrodeposition process at a rotating cylinder electrode. Electrochimica Acta, 51 (19). pp. 4067-4079.

Mandin, Ph., Fabian, C., and Lincot, D. (2006) Mean and unsteady hydrodynamic and mass transport properties at a rotating cylinder electrode: from laminar to transitional flow regime. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 586 (2). pp. 276-296.

Fabian, Cesimiro, Ridd, Michael, and Sheehan, Madoc (2006) Rotating cylinder electrode study of the effect of activated polyacrylamide on surface roughness of electrodeposited copper. Hydrometallurgy, 84 (3-4). pp. 256-263.

Fabian, Cesimiro P. (2005) Copper electrodeposition in the presence of guar or activated polyacrylamide. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Fabian, Cesimiro, Ridd, Michael, Ness, Sharon, Lancaster, Thomas, and Griffin, Gregory (2003) Determination of crystallite size and surface roughness of copper deposits for electrowinning in the presence of an organic additive. In: Hydrometallurgy 2003: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference in Honor of Professor Ian Ritchie: Electrometallurgy and Environmental Hydrometallurgy (2) pp. 1233-1245. From: Hydrometallurgy 2003 Fifth International Conference in Honor of Professor Ian Ritchie, 24-27 August 2003, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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