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Steinig, Eike, Aglua, Izzard, Duchene, Sebastian, Meehan, Michael T., Yoannes, Mition, Firth, Cadhla, Jaworski, Jan, Drekore, Jimmy, Urakoko, Bohu, Poka, Harry, Wurr, Clive, Ebos, Eri, Nangen, David, Muller, Elke, Mulvey, Peter, Jackson, Charlene, Blomfeldt, Anita, Vangstein Aamot, Hege, Laman, Moses, Manning, Laurens, Earls, Megan, Coleman, David C., Greenhill, Andrew, Ford, Rebecca, Stegger, Marc, Ali Syed, Muhammad, Jamil, Bushra, Monecke, Stefan, Ehricht, Ralf, Smith, Simon, Pomat, William, Horwood, Paul, Tong, Steven Y.C., and McBryde, Emma (2022) Phylodynamic signatures in the emergence of community-associated MRSA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119 (45). e2204993119.

Marc, Adrien F., Guppy, Jarrod L., Bauer, Paige, Mulvey, Peter, Jerry, Dean R., and Paris, Damien B.B.P. (2021) Validation of advanced tools to evaluate sperm function in barramundi (Lates calcarifer). Aquaculture, 531. 735802.

Mulvey, Peter, Duong, Veasna, Boyer, Sebastien, Burgess, Graham, Williams, David T., Dussart, Philippe, and Horwood, Paul F. (2021) The ecology and evolution of Japanese encephalitis virus. Pathogens, 10 (12). 1534.

Kumar, Avishek, Al-Jumaili, Ahmed, Bazaka, Kateryna, Mulvey, Peter, Warner, Jeffrey, and Jacob, Mohan V. (2020) In-Situ surface modification of terpinen-4-ol plasma polymers for increased antibacterial activity. Materials, 13 (3). 586.

Kumar, Avishek, Al-Jumaili, Ahmed, Prasad, Karthika, Bazaka, Kateryna, Mulvey, Peter, Warner, Jeffrey, and Jacob, Mohan (2020) Pulse plasma deposition of Terpinen-4-ol: an insight into polymerization mechanism and enhanced antibacterial response of developed thin films. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 40. pp. 339-355.

Al-Jumaili, Ahmed, Mulvey, Peter, Kumar, Avishek, Prasad, Karthika, Bazaka, Kateryna, Warner, Jeffrey, and Jacob, Mohan V. (2019) Eco-friendly nanocomposites derived from geranium oil and zinc oxide in one step approach. Scientific Reports, 9. 5973.

Marc, A., Guppy, J., Jerry, D., Mulvey, P., Bauer, P., and Paris, D. (2019) Evaluating barramundi (Lates calcarifer) sperm quality using high throughput advanced reproductive tools. In: [Abstracts from Aquaculture Europe]. From: Aquaculture Europe 19, 8-10 October 2019, Berlin, Germany.

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