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Also publishes as (Bianka Hedwig Vidonja Balanzategui)

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Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2023) Adam Grossetti's Mano Nera: Fictional narratives as a pedagogical strategy for teaching history. Journal of the Queensland History Teachers' Association, 2023. pp. 21-25.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2023) A Beaut of a Cut Near Cairns: The Butty Gang System in the Cane Fields in John Naish’s The Cruel Field. Labour History, 124 (1). pp. 31-61.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2023) NAISH, JOHN (JACK) (1923 - 1963), author and playwright. Dictionary of Welsh Biography.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka, and Brennan, Claire (2021) Hidden women of history: Melanesian indentured labourer Annie Etinside hailed as a Queensland 'pioneer' on her death. The Conversation, May 19 2021.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2021) Window in Time, a community oral history project: its challenges, shortcomings and lessons learnt. Studies in Oral History, 43. pp. 214-217.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2020) Female invisibility in the male's world of plantation-era tropical north Queensland. Lilith: a feminist history journal, 26. pp. 143-170.

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Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2020) Planter inertia: the decline of the plantation in the Herbert River Valley. Circa: the Journal of Professional Historians, 7 (2020). pp. 20-26.

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Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2019) Small sugar farmer agency in the tropics 1872-1914 and the anomalous Herbert River Farmers' Association. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2017) The Herbert River Farmers' Association. Sugar farmer associations on the periphery-an examination from the "other end". In: Presented at Rural History 2017. From: Conference of the European Rural History Organisation: Rural History 2017, 11-14 September 2017, Leuven, Belgium.

Carr, Kate, and Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2015) Mercer Lane Mosaic. [Creative Work]

Carr, Kate, and Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2014) Icons of Ingham. [Creative Work]

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2011) The Herbert River Story. Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Ingham, QLD, Australia.

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Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2003) Basking in a different sun: the story of Conchi Mendiolea. In: White, Linda, and Watson, Camerson J., (eds.) Amatxi, Amuma, Amona: Writings in Honor of Basque Women. Centre for Basque Studies Occasional Papers Series, No.8 . University of Nevada Press, Reno, Nevada, pp. 31-47.

Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (2003) Thirty-three miles to Rollingstone: a short history of Rollingstone and Balgal. City of Thuringowa, Thuringowa, QLD, Australia.

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Vidonja Balanzategui, Bianka (1989) The Herbert River Museum Gallery: a documentation of the current attempt to establish a museum in the Hinchinbrook Shire. Report. James Cook University, Townsville, QLD, Australia.

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