Publications by: Carine D. Lefèvre

Also publishes as (Carine Lefevre, Carine D. Lefevre, C.D. Lefèvre)

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Lefèvre, Carine D., Nash, Kirsty L., González-Cabello, Alonso, and Bellwood, David R. (2016) Consequences of extreme life history traits on population persistence: do short-lived gobies face demographic bottlenecks? Coral Reefs, 35 (2). pp. 399-409.

Lefèvre, C.D., and Bellwood, D.R. (2015) Disturbance and recolonisation by small reef fishes: the role of local movement versus recruitment. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 537. pp. 205-215.

Lefèvre, Carine D. (2015) Small cryptic fishes on coral reefs: ecological effects of extreme life history traits. Masters (Research) thesis, James Cook University.

Bellwood, David R., Baird, Andrew H., Depczynski, Martial, González-Cabello, Alonso, Hoey, Andrew S., Lefevre, Carine D., and Tanner, Jennifer K. (2012) Coral recovery may not herald the return of fishes on damaged coral reefs. Oecologia, 170 (2). 1- 7.

Lefèvre, Carine D., and Bellwood, David R. (2011) Temporal variation in coral reef ecosystem processes: herbivory of macroalgae by fishes. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 422. pp. 239-251.

Lefevre, Carine, and Bellwood, David (2010) Seasonality and dynamics in coral reef macroalgae: variation in condition and susceptibility to herbivory. Marine Biology, 157 (5). pp. 955-965.

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