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Roberts, L.J., LaMont, E.G., Lim, I., Sabesan, S., and Barrett, C. (2012) Telerheumatology: an idea whose time has come. Internal Medicine Journal, 42 (10). pp. 1072-1078.

Nair, Navya, Marciscano, Ariel E., Vivar, Karina L., Schaeffer, Sarah, LaMont, Elizabeth, and Francois, Fritz (2011) Introduction to the medical professions through an innovative medical student-run pipeline program. Journal of the National Medical Association, 103 (9-10). pp. 832-839.

Malone, CD, Falkowska, KA, Li, AY, Galanti, SE, Kanuru, RC, LaMont, Elizabeth, Mazzarella, KC, Micev, AJ, Osman , MM, Piotrowski, NK, Suszko, JW, Timm, AC, Xu, MM, Liu, L, and Chalker, DL (2008) Nucleus-specific importin alpha proteins and nucleoporins regulate protein import and nuclear division in the binucleate Tetrahymena thermophila. Eukaryotic Cell, 7 (9). pp. 1487-1499.

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