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Bains, I., Wong, T., Cunningham, M., Sparks, P., Brisbin, D., Calisse, P., Dempsey, J.T., Deragopian, G., Ellingsen, S., Fulton, B., Herpin, F., Jones, P., Kouba, Y., Kramer, C., Ladd, E.F., Longmore, S.N., McEvoy, J., Maller, M., MInier, V., Mookerjea, B., Phillips, C., Purcell, C.R., Walsh, A., Voronkov, M.A., and Burton, M.G. (2006) Molecular line mapping of the giant molecular cloud associated with RCW 106 – I. 13CO. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 367 (4). pp. 1609-1628.

Jaenisch, Holger, Handley, James, Lim, Albert, Filipovic, Miroslav, White, Graeme, Hons, Alex, Deragopian, Gary, Schneider, Mark, and Edwards, Matthew (2004) Data modeling for virtual observatory data mining. In: Proceedings of SPIE (5493) pp. 198-220. From: Optimizing Scientific Return for Astronomy through Information Technologies, 21 June 2004, Glasgow, Scotland.

Lim, Albert, Jaenisch, Holger, Handley, James, Filipovic, Miroslav, White, Graeme, Hons, Alex, Berrevoets, Cor, Deragopian, Gary, Payne, Jeffrey, Schneider, Mark, and Edwards, Matthew (2004) Image resolution and performance analysis of webcams for ground-based astronomy. In: Proceedings of SPIE: Ground-based Telescopes (5489) pp. 1152-1163. From: Ground-based Telescopes, 21-25 June 2004, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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