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Munidasa, Sineka, Cullen, Brendan, Eckard, Richard, Talukder, Saranika, Barnes, Lachlan, and Cheng, Long (2024) Comparative enteric-methane emissions of dairy farms in northern Victoria, Australia. Animal Production Science, 64. AN22330.

Talukder, S., Qiu, D.C., Thomson, P., Cheng, L., and Cullen, B.R. (2024) Impact of heat stress on dairy cow rumination, milking frequency, milk yield and quality in a pasture-based automatic milking system. Animal Production Science, 64. AN22334.

Cullen, Brendan, Li, Zelin, Talukder, Saranika, Cheng, Long, and Jongman, Ellen C. (2023) Development of Thresholds to Predict Grazing Behaviour of Dairy Cows from Motion Sensor Data and Application in a Pasture-Based Automatic Milking System. Dairy, 4 (1). pp. 124-136.

Cheng, L., Goulven, C.L., Cullen, B.R., Clark, C., Gregorini, P., Sun, X.Z., and Talukder, S. (2023) High genetic merit dairy heifers grazing low quality forage had similar weight gain and urinary nitrogen excretion to those of low genetic merit heifers. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 10. 1234872.

Aizimu, Wumaierjiang, Al-Marashdeh, Omar, Hodge, Simon, Dewhurst, Richard J., Chen, Ao, Zhao, Guangyong, Talukder, Saranika, Edwards, Grant R., and Cheng, Long (2021) Estimation of Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Ryegrass-Fed Dairy Cows: Model Development Using Diet- and Animal-Based Proxy Measures. Dairy, 2 (3). pp. 435-451.

Cullen, B.R., Weng, H.M., Talukder, S., and Cheng, L. (2020) Cow milking order and its influence on milk production in a pasture-based automatic milking system. Animal Production Science, 61 (3). pp. 306-312.

Cheng, Long, Guevellou, Paul Alexandre, Zhong, Rongzhen, Cullen, Brendan, Desfreres, Jeremy, Jhajj, Ravneet Kaur, and Talukder, Saranika (2020) Effects of mineral supplementation on cattle performance when grazed mature wheat. Journal of Applied Animal Research, 48 (1). pp. 587-592.

Talukder, Saranika, Kerrisk, Kendra L., Gabai, Gianfranco, and Celi, Pietro (2017) Role of oxidant-antioxidant balance in reproduction of domestic animals. Animal Production Science, 57 (8). pp. 1588-1597.

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