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Hossain, Md Elius, Guo, Zhifang, Wang, Jun, Deacon, Glen B., Junk, Peter C., Diether, Dominic, and Anwander, Reiner (2022) η6-Arene(halogenidoaluminato)lanthanoid(III) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity for Isoprene Polymerization. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2022 (7). e202101009.

Aldabbagh, Areej K., Takjoo, Reza, Najafi, Atefeh, Guo, Zhifang, Hossain, Md Elius, Rad, Nazli E, Wang, Jun, and Junk, Peter C. (2022) Syntheses and structural characterisation of some heteroleptic aluminium(III) formamidinates. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 75 (4). pp. 265-275.

Hossain, Md. Elius, Guo, Zhifang, Wang, Jun, Deacon, Glen B., and Junk, Peter C. (2022) Synthesis and characterisation of η6-arene (halogenidoaluminato)-lanthanoid(II) and alkaline earth(II) complexes. Polyhedron, 217. 115737.

Yadav, Ravi, Hossain, Md Elius, Peedika Paramban, Ramees, Simler, Thomas, Schoo, Christoph, Wang, Jun, Deacon, Glen B., Junk, Peter C., and Roesky, Peter W. (2020) 3d-4f heterometallic complexes by the reduction of transition metal carbonyls with bulky Ln(II) amidinates. Dalton Transactions, 49 (23). pp. 7701-7707.

Deacon, Glen B., Hossain, Md Elius, Junk, Peter C., and Salehisaki, Mehdi (2017) Rare-earth N,N'-diaryformamidinate complexes. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 340. pp. 247-265.

Hossain, Md Elius (2017) Lanthanoid formamidinates and halogenoaluminate complexes of the rare earths and alkaline earths: synthesis and reactivity. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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