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Also publishes as (Huiqing Huang, Hui-qing Huang, Hui-Qing Huang, H.-Q. Huang)

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Wang, Yan-Jun, Zhu, Wei-Guang, Huang, Hui-qing, Zhang, Zheng-Wei, Hu, Peng-Cheng, Wu, Cheng-Quan, Xu, Jin-Hong, and Leng, Cheng-Biao (2022) Revisiting the origin of the Carboniferous Oytag pluton in West Kunlun orogenic belt, northwest China. Lithos, 430-431. 106877.

Huang, Hui Qing, Guillong, Marcel, Hu, Yi, and Spandler, Carl (2021) Fine tuning laser focus for improved reproducibility of U-Pb isotope analysis by LA-ICP-MS. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 36 (4). pp. 836-844.

Fitzherbert, Joel A., McKinnon, Adam R., Blevin, Phillip L., Waltenberg, Kathryn, Downes, Peter M., Wall, Corey, Matchan, Erin, and Huang, Huiqing (2021) The Hera orebody: a complex distal (Au–Zn–Pb–Ag–Cu) skarn in the Cobar Basin of central New South Wales, Australia. Resource Geology, 71 (4). pp. 296-319.

Collins, William J., Murphy, J.B., Blereau, E., and Huang, H.-Q. (2021) Water availability controls crustal melting temperatures. Lithos, 402-403. 106351.

Zhu, Wei Guang, Zhong, Hong, Huang, Hui-Qing, Bai, Zhong Jie, Wang, Yan Jun, Yao, Jun Hua, and Hu, Peng Cheng (2021) The origin of the earliest Jurassic basaltic rocks in southern Jiangxi Province, southeastern China: implications for interaction between the asthenosphere and metasomatised lithosphere. Lithos, 404-405. 106444.

Yin, Jiyuan, Xiao, Wenjiao, Spencer, Christopher J., Sun, Min, Chen, Wen, Huang, Huiqing, Yuan, Chao, Zhang, Yunying, Huang, He, Xia, Xiaoping, and Tao, Zaili (2021) The role and significance of juvenile sediments in the formation of A-type granites, West Junggar oceanic arc (NW China): Zircon Hf-O isotopic perspectives. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 133 (7-8). pp. 1560-1574.

Collins, William J., Huang, Hui Qing, Bowden, Peter, and Kemp, A. I.S. (2020) Repeated S–I–A-type granite trilogy in the lachlan orogen and geochemical contrasts with a-type granites in Nigeria: implications for petrogenesis and tectonic discrimination. Geological Society Special Publication, 491 (1). pp. 53-76.

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