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Craven, Andrea, Carton, Alexander G., McPherson, Craig, and McPherson, Geoff (2009) Determining and quantifying components of an aquaculture soundscape. Aquacultural Engineering, 41 (3). pp. 158-165.

Anderson, L., McPherson, Craig, and Kenny, O. (2009) Development of a kernel for the detection of non stationary signals. University Journal of Engineering and Technology, 1. pp. 10-13.

McPherson, Craig, Turner, Phil, McPherson, Geoff, and Kenny, Owen P. (2007) Application of a three-dimensional hyperbolic location system to the false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) depredation issue. International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, 7 (4). pp. 312-321.

McPherson, Geoff, McPherson, Craig, Turner, Phil, Kenny, Owen, Madry, Andrew, Bedwell, Ian, Clarke, Gary, and Kreutz, Dave (2007) Approaches to mitigation of toothed whale depredation on the longline fishery in the eastern Australian Fishing Zone. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Fishers Forum. From: Fourth International Fishers Forum, 12 - 14 November, 2007, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

McPherson, Craig R., Turner, Phil, Kenny, Owen P., and McPherson, Geoff R. (2006) A background noise reduction technique for improving false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) localisation. In: Abstracts from the 4th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan (120) p. 3228. From: 4th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan, 28 November - 2 December 2006, Hawaii.

McPherson, Geoffrey R., Clague, Chris, Turner, Phillip, McPherson, Craig R., Madry, Andrew, Bedwell, Ian, and Cato, Doug H. (2004) Development of passive acoustic tracking systems to investigate tooth whale interactions with fishing gear. In: Proceedings of the 2004 Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society. pp. 291-296. From: 2004 Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, 3-5 November 2004, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

McPherson, Geoff, Turner, Phil, McPherson, Craig, and Cato, Douglas (2003) Acoustic systems to mitigate predation on tuna longline hooked fish by large marine animals - an Australian perspective of the global problem. In: Papers from the 8th Western Pacific Acoustic Conference. From: 8th Western Pacific Acoustic Conference, 7-9 April 2003, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

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