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Burgess, Michael, Bowler, Michael, Jones, Robert, Hase, Michael, and Murdoch, Bruce (2014) Improved outcomes after alloplastic TMJ replacement: analysis of a multicenter study from Australia and New Zealand. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 72 (7). pp. 1251-1257.

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Pinnock, Ralph, Boaz, Shulruf, Hawken, Susan J., Henning, Marcus A., and Jones, Rhys (2011) Students' and teachers' perceptions of the clinical learning environment in years 4 and 5 at the University of Auckland. New Zealand Medical Journal, 124 (1334). pp. 63-70.

Pinnock, Ralph, Weller, Jennifer, Shulruf, Boaz, Jones, Rhys, Reed, Peter, and Mizutani, Satomi (2011) Why parents and children agree to become involved in medical student teaching. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 47 (4). pp. 204-210.

Jones, Rhys, Pitama, Suzanne, Huria, Tania, Poole, Phillippa, McKimm, Judy, Pinnock, Ralph, and Reid, Papaarangi (2010) Medical education to improve Māori health. New Zealand Medical Journal, 123 (1316). pp. 113-122.

Ayliffe, Linda K., Prideaux, Gavin J., Bird, Michael I., Grün, Rainer, Roberts, Richard G., Gully, Grant A., Jones, Rhys, Fifield, L. Keith, and Cresswell, Richard G. (2008) Age constraints on Pleistocene megafauna at Tight Entrance Cave in southwestern Australia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 27 (17-18). pp. 1784-1788.

Painting, S J , Devlin, M.J., Malcolm, S. J., Parker, E.R., Mills , D.K., Mills, C., Tett, P., Wither, A., Burt, J., Jones, R., and Winpenny, K. (2006) Assessing the impact of nutrient enrichment in estuaries: susceptibility to eutrophication. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 55. pp. 74-91.

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