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Also publishes as (Mélanie L. Trapon, Melanie Lea Trapon, Melanie L. Trapon, M. Trapon)

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Trapon, M.L., Pratchett, M.S., Hoey, A.S., and Baird, A.H. (2013) Influence of fish grazing and sedimentation on the early post-settlement survival of the tabular coral Acropora cytherea. Coral Reefs, 32 (4). pp. 1051-1059.

Trapon, Melanie L., Pratchett, Morgan S., and Hoey, Andrew S. (2013) Spatial variation in abundance, size and orientation of juvenile corals related to the biomass of parrotfishes on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. PLoS ONE, 8 (2). e57788. pp. 1-10.

Trapon, M.L., Pratchett, M.S., Adjeroud, M., Hoey, A.S., and Baird, A.H. (2013) Post-settlement growth and mortality rates of juvenile scleractinian corals in Moorea, French Polynesia versus Trunk Reef, Australia. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 488. pp. 157-170.

Trapon, Melanie Lea (2013) Variation in early post-settlement growth and mortality of scleractinian corals. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Pratchett, M.S., Trapon, M., Berumen, M.L., and Chong-Seng, K. (2011) Recent disturbances augment community shifts in coral assemblages in Moorea, French Polynesia. Coral Reefs, 30 (1). pp. 183-193.

Trapon, Mélanie L., Pratchett, Morgan S., and Penin, Lucie (2011) Comparative effects of different disturbances in coral reef habitats in Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal of Marine Biology, 2011. 807625. pp. 1-11.

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