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Islam, Md Anwarul, Parvin, Mst Irin, Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Kumar, Ravinder, and Antunes, Elsa (2023) Silver adsorption on biochar produced from spent coffee grounds: validation by kinetic and isothermal modelling. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery. (In Press)

Kumar, Ravinder, Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Whelan, Anna, Cannon, Patrick, Sheehan, Madoc, Reeves, Louise, and Dos Santos Antunes, Elsa (2023) Microbial and thermal treatment techniques for degradation of PFAS in biosolids: A focus on degradation mechanisms and pathways. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 452. 131212.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Sheehan, Madoc, Murugavelh, S., and Antunes, Elsa (2023) A review on catalytic pyrolysis for high-quality bio-oil production from biomass. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13. pp. 2595-2614.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa (2023) Investigation of novel mono- and bimetallic catalysts for high quality bio-oil production using biomass co-pyrolysis. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Islam, Md Anwarul, Duan, Alex Xiaofei, and Antunes, Elsa (2022) Catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark and waste cooking oil using X-strontium /Y-zeolite (X= Ni, Cu, Zn, Ag, and Fe). Journal of the Energy Institute, 104. pp. 89-97.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Islam, Md Anwarul, Kumar, Ravinder, Scott, Jason, and Antunes, Elsa (2022) Catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark and waste cooking oil using strontium oxide-modified Y-zeolite for high-quality bio-oil production. Chemical Engineering Journal, 450 (4). 138448.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun, Duan, Alex Xiaofei, Kumar, Ravinder, and Antunes, Elsa (2022) Probing the effect of Cu-SrO loading on catalyst supports (ZSM-5, Y-zeolite, activated carbon, Al2O3, and ZrO2) for aromatics production during catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and waste cooking oil. Bioresource Technology, 360. 127515.

Islam, Md Anwarul, Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Parvin, Mst Irin, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun K., Kumar, Ravinder, and Antunes, Elsa (2022) Silver ions and silver nanoparticles removal by coffee derived biochar using a continuous fixed-bed adsorption column. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 48. 102935.

Dos Santos Antunes, Elsa, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun, Kumar, Ravinder, Vuppaladadiyam, Varsha, Sarmah, Ajit, Islam, Md Anwarul, and Dada, Tewodros Kassa (2022) A circular economy approach for phosphorus removal using algae biochar. Cleaner and Circular Bioeconomy, 1. 100005.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Islam, Md Anwarul, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun K., and Antunes, Elsa (2021) Thermo-catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark sawdust and plastic waste over strontium loaded hierarchical Y-zeolite. Journal of Environmental Management, 299. 113610.

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