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Cerminaro, Alex, Schoonover, Erik, Garber, Joshua, Mrozek, Stephanie, Beckman, Renan, and Reimink, Jesse (2023) Geochronological dating of hydrothermal fluid flow in detrital zircons. In: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs (55) From: GSA Connects, 15-18 October 2023, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Mrozek, Stephanie A., Chang, Zhaoshan, Spandler, Carl, Windle, Steve, Raraz, Cesar, and Paz, Alberto (2020) Classifying skarns and quantifying metasomatism at the Antamina deposit, Peru: insights from whole-rock geochemistry. Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, 115 (1). pp. 177-188.

Lee, Jeong-Hyun, Dattilo, Benjamin F., Mrozek, Stephanie, Miller, James F., and Riding, Robert (2019) Lithistid sponge-microbial reefs, Nevada, USA: filling the late Cambrian 'reef gap'. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 520. pp. 251-262.

Mrozek, Stephanie A. (2018) The giant Antamina deposit, Peru: intrusive sequence, skarn formation, and mineralisation. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Chang, Z., Mrozek, S.A., Meinert, L.D., and Windle, S. (2015) Skarn-porphyry transition: an example from the Antamina skarn, Peru. In: Proceedings of PACRIM 2015. pp. 409-413. From: PACRIM 2015 Congress, 18-21 March 2015, Hong Kong, China.

Mrozek, S.A., Chang, Z., and Meinert, L.D. (2015) A model for the intrusive sequence and Cu-Zn skarn formation at the Antamina deposit, Peru. In: Proceedings of PACRIM 2015. pp. 423-429. From: PACRIM 2015 Congress, 18-21 March 2015, Hong Kong, China.

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