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Archbold, Julia K., Macdonald, Whitney A., Gras, Stephanie, Ely, Lauren K., Miles, John J., Bell, Melissa J., Brennan, Rebekah M., Beddoe, Travis, Wilce, Matthew C.J., Clements, Craig S., Purcell, Anthony W., McCluskey, James, Burrows, Scott R., and Rossjohn, Jamie (2009) Natural micropolymorphism in human leukocyte antigens provides a basis for genetic control of antigen recognition. The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 206 (1). pp. 209-219.

Ely, Lauren K., Green, Katherine J., Beddoe, Travis, Clements, Craig S., Miles, John J., Bottomley, Stephen P., Zernich, Danielle, Kjer-Nielsen, Lars, Purcell, Anthony W., McCluskey, James, Rossjohn, Jamie, and Burrows, Scott R. (2005) Antagonism of antiviral and allogeneic activity of a human public CTL clonotype by a single altered peptide ligand: implications for allograft rejection. Journal of Immunology, 174 (9). pp. 5593-5601.

Borg, Natalie A., Ely, Lauren K., Beddoe, Travis, Macdonald, Whitney A., Reid, Hugh H., Clements, Craig S., Purcell, Anthony W., Kjer-Nielsen, Lars, Miles, John J., Burrows, Scott R., McCluskey, James, and Rossjohn, Jamie (2005) The CDR3 regions of an immunodominant T cell receptor dictate the 'energetic landscape' of peptide-MHC recognition. Nature Immunology, 6 (2). pp. 171-180.

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