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Wade, G.A., Silvester , J., Bale, K., Johnson, N., Power, J., Aurière, M., Ligniéres, F., Dintrans, B., Donati, J-F., Hui Bon Hoa, A., Mouillet, D., Naseri, S., Paletou, F., Petit, P., Rincon, F., Toque, N., Bagnulo, S., Folsom, C.P., Landstreet, J.D., Gruberbauer, M., Lueftinger, T., Jeffers, S.V., Lèbre, A., and Marsden, S.C. (2009) Why are some A stars magnetic, while most are not? In: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (405), pp. 499-504. From: Solar Polarization 5: in honor of Jan Olof Stenflo, 17-21 September 2007, Ascona, Switzerland.

Aurière, M., Wade, G.A., Silvester, J., Lignières, F., Bagnulo, S., Bale, K., Dintrans, B., Donati, J.F., Folsom, C.P., Gruberbauer, M., Hui Bon Hoa, A., Jeffers, S., Johnson, N., Landstreet, J.D., Lebrè, A., Lueftinger, T., Marsden, S., Mouillet, D., Naseri, S., Paletou, F., Petit, P., Power, J., Rincon, F., Strasser, S., and Toqué, N. (2007) Weak magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars: evidence for a dipole field lower limit and a tentative interpretation of the magnetic dichotomy. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 475 (3). pp. 1053-1065.

Wade, G.A., Aurière, M., Bagnulo, S., Donati, J-F., Johnson, N., Landstreet, J.D., Lignières, F., Marsden, S., Monin, D., Mouillet, D., Paletou, F., Petit, P., Toqué, N., Alecian , E., and Folsom, C. (2006) A search for magnetic fields in the variable HgMn star α Andromedae. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 451 (1). pp. 293-302.

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