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Also publishes as (Leonid V. Danyushevsky)

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Cooke, David R., Baker, Mike, Hollings, Pete, Sweet, Gabe, Chang, Zhaoshan, Danyushevsky, Leonid, Gilbert, Sarah, Zhou, Taofa, White, Noel, Gemmell, J. Bruce, and Inglis, Shaun (2014) New advances in detecting the distal geochemical footprints of porphyry systems – epidote mineral chemistry as a tool for vectoring and fertility assessments. In: Kelley , Karen D., and Golden, Howard C., (eds.) Building Exploration Capability for the 21st Century. SEG Special Publication, 18 . Society of Economic Geologists, Boulder, CO, USA, pp. 127-152.

Xie, Yuling, Li, Yingxu, Cooke, David R., Kamenetsky, Vadim, Chang, Zhaoshan, Danyushevsky, Leonid, Dominy, Simon C., Ryan, Chris, and Laird, Jamie (2011) Geochemical characteristics of carbonatite fluids at the Maoniuping REE deposit, Western Sichuan, China. In: Proceedings of the Eleventh Biennial SGA meeting (1) pp. 196-198. From: Let's Talk Ore Deposits: eleventh biennial SGA meeting, 26-29 September 2011, Antofagasta, Chile.

Meffre, Sebastien, Large, Ross R., Scott, Robert, Woodhead, Jon, Chang, Zhaoshan, Gilbert, Sarah E., Danyushevsky, Leonid V., Maslennikov, Valeriy, and Hergt, Janet M. (2008) Age and pyrite Pb-isotopic composition of the giant Sukhoi Log sediment-hosted gold deposit, Russia. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72 (9). pp. 2377-2391.

Large, Ross R., Maslennikov, Valeriy V., Robert, Francois, Danyushevsky, Leonid V., and Chang, Zhaoshan (2007) Multistage sedimentary and metamorphic origin of pyrite and gold in the giant Sukhoi Log Deposit, Lena Gold Province, Russia. Economic Geology, 102 (7). pp. 1233-1267.

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