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Also publishes as (Dale James Dixon, Dale Dixon)

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Dixon, Dale J. (2003) A taxonomic revision of the Australian Ficus species in the section Malvanthera (Ficus subg. Urostigma: Moraceae). Telopea, 10 (1). pp. 125-153.

Dixon, Dale J. (2001) Figs, wasps and species concepts: a re-evaluation of the infraspecific taxa of Ficus macrophylla (Moraceae: Urostigma sect. Malvanthera). Australian Systematic Botany, 14 (1). pp. 125-132.

Dixon, Dale J., Jackes, B.R., and Bielig, L.M. (2001) Figuring out the figs: the Ficus obliqua - Ficus rubiginosa complex (Moraceae: Urostigma sect. Malvanthera). Australian Systematic Botany, 14. pp. 133-154.

Dixon, Dale J. (2001) A chequered history: the taxonomy of Ficus platypoda and F. leucotricha (Moraceae: Urostigma sect. Malvanthera) unravelled. Australian Systematic Botany, 14 (4). pp. 535-563.

Dixon, Dale (2001) The move to on-line teaching: some issues facing academics. In: Canyon, D.V., McGinty, S., and Dixon, D., (eds.) Tertiary Teaching IV: Flexible teaching and learning across the disciplines. Craftsmen Products Pty Ltd - Online Publications, Sydney, Australia, pp. 11-20.

Dixon, Dale (2000) Flora and fauna survey of the vegetation and faunal habitats adjacent to the Mackay-Bucasia Road. Report. James Cook University, Townsville, QLD, Australia.

Dixon, Dale James (1999) Figuring out the figs: systematic studies in Ficus, Moraceae, (Urostigma sect. Malvanthera). PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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