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Also publishes as (Greig De Zubicaray, G.I. De Zubicaray)

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Hansell, Narelle K., Strike, Lachlan T., van Eijk, Liza, O'Callaghan, Victoria, Martin, Nicholas G., de Zubicaray, Greig I., Thompson, Paul M., Mcmahon, Katie L., and Wright, Margaret J. (2022) Genetic Specificity of Hippocampal Subfield Volumes, Relative to Hippocampal Formation, Identified in 2148 Young Adult Twins and Siblings. Twin Research and Human Genetics, 25 (3). pp. 129-139.

Ward, E., Brownsett, S.L.E., McMahon, K.L., Hartwigsen, G., Mascelloni, M., and De Zubicaray, G.I. (2022) Online transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals differential effects of transitivity in left inferior parietal cortex but not premotor cortex during action naming. Neuropsychologia, 174. 108339.

Ward, E., Gauvin, H.S., McMahon, K.L., Meinzer, M., and De Zubicaray, G.I. (2022) The left inferior frontal gyrus and the resolution of unimodal vs. cross-modal interference in speech production: A transcranial direct current stimulation study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 64. 101097.

van Eijk, Liza, Zhu, Dajiang, Couvy-Duchesne, Baptiste, Strike, Lachlan T., Lee, Anthony J., Hansell, Narelle K., Thompson, Paul M., de Zubicaray, Greig I., Mcmahon, Katie L., Wright, Margaret J., and Zietsch, Brendan P. (2021) Are sex differences in human brain structure associated with sex differences in behaviour? Psychological Science, 32 (8). pp. 1183-1197.

Borg, Danielle, Rae, Kym, Fiveash, Corrine, Schagen, Johanna, James-McAlpine, Janelle, Friedlander, Frances, Thurston, Claire, Oliveri, Maria, Harmey, Theresa, Cavanagh, Erika, Edwards, Christopher, Fontanarosa, Davide, Perkins, Tony, De Zubicaray, Greig, Moritz, Karen, Kumar, Sailesh, Clifton, Vicki, and Queensland Family Cohort Research Collaborative, (2021) Queensland Family Cohort: a study protocol. BMJ Open, 11. e044463.

van Eijk, Liza, Hansell, Narelle K., Strike, Lachlan T., Couvy-Duchesne, Baptiste, de Zubicaray, Greig I., Thompson, Paul M., McMahon, Katie L., Zietsch, Brendan P., and Wright, Margaret J. (2020) Region-specific sex differences in the hippocampus. NeuroImage, 215. 116781.

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