Publications by: Christopher J. Mooney

Also publishes as (C. J. Mooney, Christopher James Mooney)

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Mooney, Christopher J., and Kingsford, Michael J. (2017) Statolith morphometrics as a tool to distinguish among populations of three cubozoan species. Hydrobiologia, 787 (1). pp. 111-121.

Mooney, Christopher J., and Kingsford, Michael J. (2016) Discriminating populations of medusae (Chironex fleckeri, Cubozoa) using statolith microchemistry. Marine and Freshwater Research. pp. 1-9. (In Press)

Mooney, Christopher James (2014) Statoliths of cubozoan jellyfishes: their utility to discriminate taxa and elucidate population ecology. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Kingsford, Michael J., and Mooney, Christopher J. (2014) The ecology of box jellyfishes (Cubozoa). In: Pitt, Kylie A., and Lucas, Cathy H., (eds.) Jellyfish Blooms. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 267-302.

Mooney, C. J., and Kingsford, M. J. (2012) Sources and movements of Chironex fleckeri medusae using statolith elemental chemistry. Hydrobiologia, 690 (1). pp. 269-277.

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