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Longmore, S.N., Bally, J., Testi, L., Purcell, C.R., Walsh, A.J., Bressert, E., Pestalozzi, M., Molinari, S., Ott, J., Cortese, L., Battersby, C., Murray, N., Lee, E., and Kruijssen, J.M.D. (2013) Variations in the Galactic star formation rate and density thresholds for star formation. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 429 (2). pp. 987-1000.

Longmore, Steven N., Rathborne, Jill, Bastian, Nate, Alves, Joao, Ascenso, Joana, Bally, John, Testi, Leonardo, Longmore, Andy, Battersby, Cara, Bressert, Eli, Purcell, Cormac, Walsh, Andrew, Jackson, James, Foster, Jonathan, Molinari, Sergio, Meingast, Stefan, Amorim, A., Lima, J., Marques, R., Moitinho, A., Pinhao, J., Rebordao, J., and Santos, F.D. (2012) G0.253 + 0.016: a molecular cloud progenitor of an arches-like cluster. The Astrophysical Journal, 746 (2). 117. pp. 1-10.

Anderson-Berry, Linda, Keenan, Tom, Bally, John, Pielke Jr., Roger, Leigh, Roy, and King, David (2004) The societal, social, and economic impacts of the World Weather Research Programme Sydney 2000 Forecast Demonstration Project (WWRP S2000 FDP). Weather and Forecasting, 19 (1). pp. 168-178.

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