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Sayedsalehi, Samira, Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa, Angizi, Shaahin, and Navi, Keivan (2015) Restoring and non-restoring array divider designs in quantum-dot cellular automata. Information Sciences, 311. pp. 86-101.

Hashemi, Sara, Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa, Zakerolhosseini, Ali, and Navi, Keivan (2015) A novel FPGA-programmable switch matrix interconnection element in quantum-dot cellular automata. International Journal of Electronics, 102 (4). pp. 703-724.

Navi, Keivan, Sayedsalehi, Samira, Farazkish, Razieh, and Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa (2010) Five-input majority gate, a new device for quantum-dot cellular automata. Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 7 (8). pp. 1546-1553.

Navi, Keivan, Farazkish, Razieh, Sayedsalehi, Samira, and Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa (2010) A new quantum-dot cellular automata full-adder. Microelectronics Journal, 41 (12). pp. 820-826.

Farazkish, Razieh, Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa, Navi, Keivan, and Haghparast, Majid (2008) New method for decreasing the number of quantum dot cells in QCA circuits. World Applied Sciences Journal, 4 (6). pp. 793-802.

Rahimiazghadi, Mostafa, Kavehei, Omid, and Navi, Keivan (2007) A novel design for quantum-dot cellular automata cells and full adders. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7 (22). pp. 3460-3468.

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