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Otto, J.R., Nish, P., Balogun, R.O., Freeman, M.J., Malau-Aduli, B.S., Lane, P.A., and Malau-Aduli, A.E.O. (2016) Effect of dietary supplementation of pasture-based primiparous Holstein-Friesian cows with degummed crude canola oil on body condition score, liveweight, milk yield and composition. Journal of Applied Animal Research, 44 (1). pp. 194-200.

Do, Van Quang, Nguyen, Xuan Ba, Doyle, Peter T., Dau, Van Hai, Lane, Peter A., Malau-Aduli, Aduli E.O., Nguyen, Huu Van, and Parsons, David (2015) Effect of concentrate supplementation on nutrient digestibility and growth of Brahman crossbred cattle fed a basal diet of grass and rice straw. Journal of Animal Science and Technology, 57. pp. 1-8.

Malau-Aduli, A.E.O., Otto, J.R., Suybeng, B., Kashani, A., Lane, P.A., Malau-Aduli, B.S., and Nichols, P.D. (2015) Gene expression profiles of aralkylamine n-acetyltransferase, b-cell translocation gene-2 and fatty acid synthase in pasture-based primiparous Holstein-Friesian dairy cows supplemented with crude degummed canola oil. Advancements in Genetic Engineering, 4 (2). pp. 1-10.

Otto, J.R., Freeman, M.J., Malau-Aduli, B.S., Nichols, P.D., Lane, P.A., and Malau-Aduli, A.E.O. (2014) Reproduction and fertility parameters of dairy cows supplemented with omega-3 fatty acid-rich canola oil. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 4 (10). pp. 1611-1636.

Quan, N.H., Lane, P.A., Van, N.H., Parsons, D., Ba, N.X., and Malau-Aduli, A.E.O. (2014) Productive performance, rumen volatile fatty acid profile and plasma metabolites of concentrate-supplemented Bach Thao goats in Vietnam. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 13 (21). pp. 1173-1178.

Malau-aduli, A.E.O., Holman, B.W.B., and Lane, P.A. (2012) Influence of sire breed, protein supplementation and gender on wool spinning fineness in first-cross Merino lambs. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 6 (7). pp. 852-859.

Malau-Aduli, A.E.O., Nightingale, E., McEvoy, P., Eve, J.U., John, A.J., Hobbins, A.A., Alamoudi, A.A.S., Petrie, K.R., Damen, P., French, M.E., Cragie, A.M., Bales, S.K., Kashani, A., Holman, B.W.B., Vargas-Bravo, J., Jones, S.M., Malau-Aduli, B.S., and Lane, P.A. (2012) Teaching animal science and genetics to Australian university undergraduates to enhance inquiry-based student learning and research with sheep: growth and conformation traits in crossbred prime lambs. British Journal of Educational Research, 2 (1). pp. 59-76.

Malau-Aduli, A.E.O., Bignell, C.W., Tavassoli-Salardini, F., Smolenski, A.J., Palmer, A., Bignell, J., Burbury, S., Batchelor, R., Malau-Aduli, B.S., Adediran, S.A., Lane, P.A., and Clark, R.J. (2006) Genetic diversity and breed comparison of carcass traits in Tasmanian Corriedale and East Friesian sheep by RAPD markers. In: Proceedings of the 52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, pp. 75-76. From: ICoMST 2006: 52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 13-18 August 2015, Dublin, Ireland.

Malau-Aduli, A.E.O., Bignell, C.W., Hegarty, R.S., Oddy, H., Johns, W., Tavassoli-Salardini, F., Smolenski, A.J., Malau-Aduli, B.S., Wells, B.B., Lane, P.A., and Clark, R.J. (2006) RAPD marker variation in meat quality traits of Poll Dorset second-cross lambs selected for muscle or growth. In: Proceedings of 52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology: Harnessing and Expoliting Global Opportunities, pp. 89-90. From: 52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 13-18 August 2006, University College Dublin, Ireland.

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