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Hatch, Marshall D., and Burnell, James N. (1990) Carbonic anhydrase activity in leaves and its role in the first step of C4 photosynthesis. Plant Physiology, 93 (2). pp. 825-828.

Burnell, J.N., and Hatch, M.D. (1988) Low bundle sheath carbonic anhydrase is apparently essential for effective C4 pathway operation. Plant Physiology, 86. pp. 1252-1256.

Weiner, Hendrik, Burnell, James N., Woodrow, Ian E., Heldt, Hans W., and Hatch, Marshall D. (1988) Metabolite diffusion into bundle sheath cells from C4 plants: relation to C4 photosynthesis and plasmodesmatal function. Plant Physiology, 88 (3). pp. 815-822.

Edwards, G.E., Nakamoto, H, Burnell, J.N., and Hatch, M.D. (1985) Pyruvate,Pi dikinase and NADP-Malate dehydrogenase in C4 photosynthesis: properties and mechanism of light/dark regulation. Annual Review of Plant Physiology, 36. pp. 255-286.

Burnell, J.N., and Hatch, M.D. (1985) Regulation of C4 photosynthesis: purification and properties of the protein catalyzing ADP-mediated inactivation and Pi-mediated activation of pyruvate, Pi dikinase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 237 (2). pp. 490-503.

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