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Davies, Bronwyn (2003) Death to critique and dissent? the policies and practices of new managerialisn and of 'evidence-based practice'. Gender and Education, 15 (1). pp. 91-103.

Davies, Bronwyn (2003) The production of Gendered Identities: a Reflexive Analysis of Researching Preschool Children at Play. In: Davies, Bronwyn, (ed.) Frogs and Snails and Feminist Tales: preschool children and gender. Hampton Press, New Jersey, USA, pp. 142-163.

Davies, Bronwyn (2002) Psychology's gendered subject. In: von Hofsten, Claes, and Bäckman, Lars, (eds.) Social, Developmental, and Clinical Perspectives. Psychology at the Turn of the Millennium, 2 . Psychology Press, East Sussex, FA, USA, pp. 455-473.

Davies, Bronwyn, Dormer, Suzy, Gannon, Sue, Laws, Catherine, Rocco, Sharn, Taguchi, Hillevi Lenz, and McCann, Helen (2001) Becoming schoolgirls: the ambivalent project of subjectification. Gender and Education, 13 (2). pp. 167-182.

Davies, Bronwyn (2001) The seduction of the scientific method: or, how we can be persuaded to believe that biology is destiny. Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift, 1. pp. 69-84.

Davies, Bronwyn, and Whitehouse, Hilary (2000) Australian men talk about becoming environmentalists. In: Davies, Bronwyn, (ed.) (In)scribing Body/Landscape Relations. Rowman & LIttlefield, Oxford, UK, pp. 63-86.

Davies, B. (2000) Eclipsing the constructive power of discourse: the writing of Janette Turner Hospital. In: StPierre, E.A., and Pillow, W.S., (eds.) Working the Ruins: Feminist Posstructural Theory and Methods in Education. Routledge/Falmer, New York, USA, pp. 179-198.

Davies, Bronwyn (2000) (In)Scribing Body/Landscape Relations. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Oxford, England.

Davies, Bronwyn (2000) Literacy and literate subjects in a health and physical Education Class: a poststructuralist analysis. Linguistics and Education, 11 (4). pp. 333-352.

Honan, Eileen, Davies, Bronwyn, Knobel, Michele, and Baker, Carolyn (2000) Producing possible Hannahs: theory and the subject of research. Qualitative Inquiry, 6 (1). pp. 9-32.

Davies, Bronwyn, and Whitehouse, Hilary (1997) Men on the boundaries: landscapes and seascapes. Journal of Gender Studies, 6 (3). pp. 237-254.

Davies, Bronwyn, Dormer, Suzy, Honan, Eileen, McAllister, Nicky, O'Reilly, Roisin, Rocco, Sharn, and Walker, Alison (1997) Ruptures in the skin of silence: a collective biography. Hecate, 23 (1). pp. 62-79.

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