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Devloo-Delva, Floriaan, Burridge, Christopher P., Kyne, Peter M., Brunnschweiler, Juerg M., Chapman, Demian D., Charvet, Patricia, Chen, Xiao, Cliff, Geremy, Daly, Ryan, Drymon, J. Marcus, Espinoza, Mario, Fernando, Daniel, Barcia, Laura Garcia, Glaus, Kerstin, González-Garza, Blanca I., Grant, Michael I., Gunasekera, Rasanthi M., Hernandez, Sebastian, Hyodo, Susumu, Jabado, Rima W., Jaquemet, Sébastien, Johnson, Grant, Ketchum, James T., Magalon, Hélène, Marthick, James R., Mollen, Frederik H., Mona, Stefano, Naylor, Gavin J.P., Nevill, John E.G., Phillips, Nicole M., Pillans, Richard D., Postaire, Bautisse D., Smoothey, Amy F., Tachihara, Katsunori, Tillet, Bree J., Valerio-Vargas, Jorge A., and Feutry, Pierre (2023) From rivers to ocean basins: The role of ocean barriers and philopatry in the genetic structuring of a cosmopolitan coastal predator. Ecology and Evolution, 13 (2). e9837.

Meyer, Lauren, Barry, Christine, Araujo, Gonzalo, Barnett, Adam, Brunnschweiler, Juerg M., Chin, Andrew, Gallagher, Austin, Healy, Teleah, Kock, Alison, Newsome, David, Ponzo, Alessandro, and Huveneers, Charlie (2022) Redefining provisioning in marine wildlife tourism. Journal of Ecotourism, 21 (3). pp. 210-229.

Bouveroux, Thibaut, Loiseau, Nicolas, Barnett, Adam, Marosi, Natasha D., and Brunnschweiler, Juerg M. (2021) Companions and casual acquaintances: the nature of associations among bull sharks at a shark feeding site in Fiji. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8. 678074.

Brunnschweiler, Juerg M., Abrantes, Kátya G., and Barnett, Adam (2014) Long-term changes in species composition and relative abundances of sharks at a provisioning site. PLoS ONE, 9 (1). e86682. pp. 1-10.

Brunnschweiler, Juerg M., and Barnett, Adam (2013) Opportunistic visitors: long-term behavioural response of bull sharks to food provisioning in Fiji. PLoS ONE, 8 (3). e58522. pp. 1-15.

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