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Lewis, Stephen, McCloskey, Gillian, Bainbridge, Zoe, Davis, Aaron, Bartley, Rebecca, and Turner, Ryan (2023) Sediment and nutrient flux from land. In: Wolanski, Eric, and Kingsford, Michael J., (eds.) Oceanographic Processes of Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Links in the Great Barrier Reef. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA. (In Press)

Bainbridge, Zoe, Olley, Jon, Wilkinson, Scott, Bartley, Rebecca, Lewis, Stephen, Dougall, Cameron, Khan, Sana, Kuhnert, Petra, and Burton, Joanne (2023) Refining fine sediment source identification through integration of spatial modelling, concentration monitoring and source tracing: A case study in the Great Barrier Reef catchments. Science of the Total Environment, 10. 164731.

Petheram, C., Read, A., Hughes, J., Marvanek, S., Stokes, C., Kim, S., Philip, S., Peake, A., Podger, G., Devlin, K., Hayward, J., Bartley, R., Vanderbyl, T., Wilson, P., Pena Arancibia, J., Stratford, D., Watson, I., Austin, J., Yang, A., Barber, M., Ibrahimi, T., Rogers, L., Kuhnert, P., Wang, B., Potter, N., Baynes, F., Ng, S., Cousins, A., Jarvis, D., and Chilcott, C. (2022) An assessment of contemporary variations of the Bradfield Scheme. A technical report to the National Water Grid Authority from the Bradfield Scheme Assessment. Report. CSIRO, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Australia.

Lewis, Stephen E., Bartley, Rebecca, Wilkinson, Scott, Bainbridge, Zoe T., Kinsey-Henderson, Anne, James, Cassandra S., Irvine, Scott A., and Brodie, Jon E. (2021) Land use change in the river basins of the Great Barrier Reef, 1860 to 2019: a foundation for understanding environmental history across the catchment to reef continuum. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 166. p. 112193.

Koci, Jack, Wilkinson, Scott N., Hawdon, Aaron A., Kinsey-henderson, Anne E., Bartley, Rebecca, and Goodwin, Nicholas R. (2021) Rehabilitation effects on gully sediment yields and vegetation in a savanna rangeland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 46 (5). pp. 1007-1025.

Koci, Jack, Sidle, Roy C., Kinsey-Henderson, Anne E., Bartley, Rebecca, Wilkinson, Scott N., Hawdon, Aaron A., Jarihani, Ben, Roth, Christian H., and Hogarth, Luke (2020) Effect of reduced grazing pressure on sediment and nutrient yields in savanna rangeland streams draining to the Great Barrier Reef. Journal of Hydrology, 582. 124520.

Koci, Jack, Jarihani, Ben, Leon, Javier X., Sidle, Roy C., Wilkinson, Scott N., and Bartley, Rebecca (2017) Assessment of UAV and ground-based structure from motion with multi-view stereo photogrammetry in a gullied savanna catchment. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 6 (11). 328.

Gladish, Daniel W., Kuhnert, Petra M., Pagendam, Daniel E., Wikle, Christopher K., Bartley, Rebecca, Searle, Ross D., Ellis, Robin J., Dougall, Cameron, Turner, Ryan D.R., Lewis, Stephen E., Bainbridge, Zoe T., and Brodie, Jon E. (2016) Spatio-temporal assimilation of modelled catchment loads with monitoring data in the Great Barrier Reef. Annals of Applied Statistics, 10 (3). pp. 1590-1618.

Bartley, Rebecca, Croke, Jacky, Bainbridge, Zoe T., Austin, Jenet M., and Kuhnert, Petra M. (2015) Combining contemporary and long-term erosion rates to target erosion hot-spots in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Anthropocene, 10. pp. 1-12.

Bartley, Rebecca, Bainbridge, Zoe T., Lewis, Stephen E., Kroon, Frederieke J., Wilkinson, Scott N., Brodie, Jon E., and Silburn, D. Mark (2014) Relating sediment impacts on coral reefs to watershed sources, processes and management: a review. Science of the Total Environment, 468-469. pp. 1138-1153.

Bartley, Rebecca, Bainbridge, Zoe T., Lewis, Stephen E., Kroon, Frederieke J., Wilkinson, Scott N., Brodie, Jon E., and Silburn, Mark D. (2014) From coral to cows: using ecosystem processes to inform catchment management of the Great Barrier Reef. In: Proceedings of the 7th Australian Stream Management Conference. pp. 9-16. From: 7th Australian Stream Management Conference: catchment to coast, 27-30 July 2014, Townsville, QLD, Australia.

Bohnet, Iris, Brodie, Jon, and Bartley, Rebecca (2008) Assessing water quality impacts of community defined land use change scenarios for the Douglas Shire, Far North Queensland. In: Pettit, Christopher, Cartwright, William, Bishop, Ian, Lowell, Kim, Pullar, David, and Duncan, David, (eds.) Landscape Analysis and Visualisation: spatial models for natural resource management and planning. Springer, Berlin, Heidleberg, pp. 383-406.

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