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Bertola, Lorenzo V., Higgie, Megan, Zenger, Kyall R., and Hoskin, Conrad J. (2023) Conservation genomics reveals fine-scale population structuring and recent declines in the Critically Endangered Australian Kuranda Treefrog. Conservation Genetics, 24. pp. 249-264.

Bertola, Lorenzo V., Hoskin, Conrad J., Jones, David B., Zenger, Kyall R., McKnight, Donald T., and Higgie, Megan (2023) The first linkage map for Australo-Papuan Treefrogs (family: Pelodryadidae) reveals the sex-determination system of the Green-eyed Treefrog (Litoria serrata). Heredity, 131. pp. 263-272.

Chang, Yiyin, Bertola, Lorenzo, and Hoskin, Conrad J. (2022) Species distribution modelling of the endangered Mahogany Glider (Petaurus gracilis) reveals key areas for targeted survey and conservation. Austral Ecology, 48 (2). pp. 289-312.

Uzqueda, Adriana, Burnett, Scott, Bertola, Lorenzo V., and Hoskin, Conrad J. (2020) Quantifying range decline and remaining populations of the large marsupial carnivore of Australia's tropical rainforest. Journal of Mammalogy, 101 (4). pp. 1021-1034.

Hoskin, Conrad J., Bertola, Lorenzo V., and Higgie, Megan (2019) A new species of Phyllurus leaf-tailed gecko (Lacertilia: Carphodactylidae) from The Pinnacles, north-east Australia. Zootaxa, 4576 (1). pp. 127-139.

Bertola, Lorenzo V., Higgie, Megan, and Hoskin, Conrad J. (2018) Resolving distribution and population fragmentation in two leaf-tailed gecko species of north-east Australia: key steps in the conservation of microendemic species. Australian Journal of Zoology, 66 (2). pp. 152-166.

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