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Elliot, J.L., Person, M.J., Zuluaga, C.A., Bosh, A.S., Adams, E.R., Brothers, T.C., Gulbis, A.A.S., Levine, S.E., Lockhart, M., Zangari, A.M., Babcock, B.A., DuPré, K., Pasachoff, J.M., Souza, S.P., Rosing, W., Secrest, N., Bright, L., Dunham, E.W., Sheppard, S.S., Kakkala, M., Tilleman, T., Berger, B., Briggs, J.W., Jacobson, G., Valleli, P., Volz, B., Rapoport, S., Hart, R., Brucker, M., Michel, R., Mattingly, A., Zambrano-Marin, L., Meyer, A.W., Wolf, J., Ryan, E.V., Ryan, W.H., Morzinski, K., Grigsby, B., Brimacombe, J., Ragozzine, D., Montano, H.G., and Gilmore, A. (2010) Size and albedo of Kuiper belt object 55636 from a stellar occultation. Nature, 465 (7300). pp. 897-900.

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