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Also publishes as (Hernyi J. Hsieh, H.J. Hsieh)

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Kuo, Chao Yang, Tsai, Cheng-Han, Huang, Ya Yi, Heng, Wei Khang, Hsiao, An Tzi, Hsieh, Hernyi Justin, and Chen, Chaolun Allen (2022) Fine intervals are required when using point intercept transects to assess coral reef status. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9. 795512.

Wen, Colin Kuo-Chang, Chen, Kao-Song, Hsieh, Hernyi Justin, Hsu, Chia-Min, and Chen, Chaolun Allen (2013) High coral cover and subsequent high fish richness on mature breakwaters in Taiwan. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 72 (1). pp. 55-63.

Wei, Nuwei Vivian, Hsieh, Hernyi Justin, Dai, Chang-Feng, Wallace, Carden C., Baird, Andrew H., and Chen, Chaolun Allen (2012) Reproductive isolation among Acropora Species (Scleractinia: Acroporidae) in a marginal coral assemblage. Zoological Studies, 51 (1). pp. 85-92.

Hsieh, Hernyi J., Chen, Koa-Song, Lin , Yihan I., Huang , Yuanchao A., Baird, Andrew H., Tsai , Wan-Sen, Su, Wei-Cheng, and Chen, Chaolun A. (2011) Establishment of a No-take area (NTA) could not guarantee the preservation of coral communities in Chinwan Inner Bay, Penghu, Taiwan. Zoological Studies, 50 (4). pp. 443-453.

Huang, Y.-C.A., Hsieh, H.J., Huang, S.-C., Meng, P.-J., Chen, Y.-S., Keshavmurthy, S., Nozawa, Y., and Chen, C.A. (2011) Nutrient enrichment caused by marine cage culture and its influence on subtropical coral communities in turbid waters. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 423. pp. 83-93.

Chen, Kao-Song, Hsieh, Hernyi Justin, Keshavmurthy, Shashank, Leung, Julia Ka Lai, Lien, I-Ting, Nakano, Yoshikatsu, Plathong, Sakanan, Huang, Hui, and Chen, Chaolun Allen (2011) Latitudinal gradient of morphological variations in zebra coral Oulastrea crispata (Scleractinia: Faviidae) in the West Pacific. Zoological Studies, 50 (1). pp. 43-52.

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