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Marsden, S.C., Donati, J-F., Petit, P., Dunstone, N.J., Jardine, M., Carter, B.D., Waite, I.A., Semel, M., Ramirez, J., and UNSPECIFIED (2009) Stellar magnetic fields in swollen convection zones. In: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (405), pp. 531-534. From: Solar Polarization 5: in honor of Jan Olof Stenflo, 17-21 September 2007, Ascona, Switzerland.

Budding, E., Bembrick, C., Carter, B.D., Erkan, N., Jardine, M., Marsden, S.C., Osten, R., Petit, P., Semel, M., Slee, O.B., and Waite, I. (2006) Multisite, multiwavelength studies of the active cool binary CC Eri. Astrophysics and Space Science, 304 (1-4). pp. 13-16.

Donati, J-F., Collier Cameron, A., Semel, M., Hussain, G.A.J., Petit, P., Carter, B.D., Marsden, S.C., Mengel, M., López Ariste, A., Jeffers, S.V., and Rees, D.E. (2003) Dynamo processes and activity cycles of the active stars AB Doradus, LQ Hydrae and HR 1099. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 345 (4). pp. 1145-1186.

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