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Milledge, Russell, Youdell, Becki, Campbell, Steven, and Holdsworth, Jason (2013) Nerve engine. [Creative Work]

Milledge, Russell, Youdell, Rebecca, Hassall, Catherine, Campbell, Steven, and Holdsworth, Jason (2013) Terrestrial nerve. [Creative Work]

Campbell, Steven (2013) Australian independent music and the experience economy. In: Tschmuck, Peter, Pearce, Philip, and Campbell, Steven, (eds.) Music Business and the Experience Economy: the Australasian case. Springer, Berlin, Germany, pp. 41-57.

Tschmuck, Peter, Pearce, Philip L., and Campbell, Steven (2013) Music Business and the Experience Economy: the Australasian case. Springer.

Campbell, Steven (2011) Palimpsest, porosity and subception: The heard and the unheard in Paul Winkler's Bondi and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Soundtrack, 4 (2). pp. 71-87.

Campbell, Steven, and Foley, Donna (2011) i saY. [Creative Work]

Milledge, Russell, Campbell, Steven, Holdsworth, Jason, and Youdell, Becki (2011) Sweet spot. [Creative Work]

Milledge, Russell, Campbell, Steven, Holdsworth, Jason, and Youdell, Becki (2010) COVE.

Campbell, Steven, and Fenton-Keane, Jayne (2010) They Say Drowning is Like a Dream.

Campbell, Steven, and Goodwin, Mitch (2010) As I Stood Idly By.

Milledge, Russell, Campbell, Steven, and Youdell, Becki (2009) Whispering limbs.

Campbell, Steven, Milledge, Russell, and Youdell, Rebecca (2009) Whispering limbs: cross-cultural collaboration in a hybrid of contemporary dance, media, sound and improvisation. In: UNSPECIFIED. From: Tropics of the Imagination Conference, 2 - 3 November 2009, Cairns, QLD, Australia. (Unpublished)

Campbell, Steven (2008) Flow, Riverscape and Come Home: three installation designs for the PLaY+SPaCE Ultrasonic Sensing Environment. In: Proceedings of the Australian Computer Music Association Conference. pp. 13-18. From: ACMC08 Australasian Computer Music Conference, 10-12 July 2008, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Milledge, Russell, Campbell, Steven, and Youdell, Rebecca (2008) Body Blow.

Youdell, Rebecca, Milledge, Russell, and Campbell, Steven J. (2008) The Exquisite Resonance of Memory.

Campbell, Steven (2007) Sensience: electro-acoustic collaboration in a non-tactile ultrasonic sensing environment. In: Proceedings of the Australiasian Computer Music Conference 2007. pp. 40-46. From: Australasian Computer Music Conference 2007, 19-21 June 2007, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Campbell, Steven J. (2006) Sensience, for PLaY+SPaCE system and tenor saxophonist.

Campbell, Steven, Salisbury, David, and Hutchison, Clive (2005) Gabriella takes a bath.

Campbell, Steven J., and Salisbury, David (2005) Performance 5 - Part 3.

Grenfell, Maria, and Campbell, Steven (2005) Far from the madding crowd. Sounds Australian, Journal of the Australian Music Centre, 66. pp. 21-22.

Campbell, Steven J (2005) PLaY+SPaCE: an ultrasonic gestural MIDI controller. In: Proceedings of Australasian Computer Music Conference. pp. 43-49. From: Generate + Test. Proceedings of the Australasian Computer, 12-14 July 2005, Brisbane, Australia.

Campbell, Steven J (2004) Opposites Attract, for PLaY+SPaCE System and Seven Dancers.

Campbell, Steven J (2003) Special studies program report. (Unpublished)

Campbell, Steven (2003) Bats, Max, boids and music: ultrasonics, artificial birds, and Max programming in a non-tactile musical environment. In: Apple University Consortium Conference: Proceedings. From: Apple University Consortium Academic and Developers Conference, 28 September - 1 October 2003, Adelaide, SA.

Campbell, Steven (2002) Flow - Installation for PLaY+SPaCE System.

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