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Also publishes as (D. Parry, David Livingstone Parry)

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Frostick, A., Bollhöfer, A., Parry, D., Munksgaard, N., and Evans, K. (2008) Radioactive and radiogenic isotopes in sediments from Cooper Creek, Western Arnhem Land. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 99 (3). pp. 468-482.

Munksgaard, Niels C., Antwertinger, Yasmin, and Parry, David L. (2004) Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Faviidae Corals for Environmental Monitoring of a Tropical Estuary. Environmental Chemistry, 1 (3). pp. 188-196.

Munksgaard, Niels Crosley, Lim, Kezia, and Parry, David Livingstone (2003) Rare earth elements as provenance indicators in north Australian estuarine and coastal marine sediments. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science , 57 (3). pp. 399-409.

Munksgaard, Niels C., and Parry, David L. (2003) Monitoring of labile metals in turbid coastal seawater using diffusive gradients in thin-films. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 5 (1). pp. 145-149.

Munksgaard, Niels C., Brazier, Jennifer A., Moir, Cristy M., and Parry, David L. (2003) The use of lead isotopes in monitoring environmental impacts of uranium and lead mining in Northern Australia. Australian Journal of Chemistry: an international journal for chemical science, 56 (2 & 3). pp. 233-238.

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Munksgaard, Niels Crosley, and Parry, David Livingstone (2002) Metals, arsenic and lead isotopes in near-pristine estuarine and marine coastal sediments from northern Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research, 53 (3). pp. 719-729.

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