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Edwards, Kristin H., Edwards, Mark T., Franklin, Richard C., Khanna, Sankalp, Kuhnert, Petra M., and Jones, Rhondda (2023) Air ambulance retrievals of patients with suspected appendicitis and acute abdominal pain: The patients’ journeys, referral pathways and appendectomy outcomes using linked data in Central Queensland, Australia. Australasian Emergency Care, 26 (1). pp. 13-23.

Bainbridge, Zoe, Olley, Jon, Wilkinson, Scott, Bartley, Rebecca, Lewis, Stephen, Dougall, Cameron, Khan, Sana, Kuhnert, Petra, and Burton, Joanne (2023) Refining fine sediment source identification through integration of spatial modelling, concentration monitoring and source tracing: A case study in the Great Barrier Reef catchments. Science of the Total Environment, 10. 164731.

Lloyd-Jones, Luke R., Kuhnert, Petra M., Lawrence, Emma, Lewis, Stephen E., Waterhouse, Jane, Gruber, Renee K., and Kroon, Frederieke J. (2022) Sampling re-design increases power to detect change in the Great Barrier Reef’s inshore water quality. PLoS ONE, 17 (7). e0271930.

Edwards, Kristin H., Franklin, Richard C., Jones, Rhondda, Kuhnert, Petra M., and Khanna, Sankalp (2022) Using a Quality Framework to Explore Air Ambulance Patients’ Journey Outcomes in Central Queensland, Australia. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 38 (1). pp. 57-64.

Petheram, C., Read, A., Hughes, J., Marvanek, S., Stokes, C., Kim, S., Philip, S., Peake, A., Podger, G., Devlin, K., Hayward, J., Bartley, R., Vanderbyl, T., Wilson, P., Pena Arancibia, J., Stratford, D., Watson, I., Austin, J., Yang, A., Barber, M., Ibrahimi, T., Rogers, L., Kuhnert, P., Wang, B., Potter, N., Baynes, F., Ng, S., Cousins, A., Jarvis, D., and Chilcott, C. (2022) An assessment of contemporary variations of the Bradfield Scheme. A technical report to the National Water Grid Authority from the Bradfield Scheme Assessment. Report. CSIRO, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Australia.

Gladish, Daniel W., Kuhnert, Petra M., Pagendam, Daniel E., Wikle, Christopher K., Bartley, Rebecca, Searle, Ross D., Ellis, Robin J., Dougall, Cameron, Turner, Ryan D.R., Lewis, Stephen E., Bainbridge, Zoe T., and Brodie, Jon E. (2016) Spatio-temporal assimilation of modelled catchment loads with monitoring data in the Great Barrier Reef. Annals of Applied Statistics, 10 (3). pp. 1590-1618.

Bartley, Rebecca, Croke, Jacky, Bainbridge, Zoe T., Austin, Jenet M., and Kuhnert, Petra M. (2015) Combining contemporary and long-term erosion rates to target erosion hot-spots in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Anthropocene, 10. pp. 1-12.

Bainbridge, Zöe T., Lewis, Stephen E., Smithers, Scott G., Kuhnert, Petra M., Henderson, Brent L., and Brodie, Jon E. (2014) Fine-suspended sediment and water budgets for a large, seasonally dry tropical catchment: Burdekin River catchment, Queensland, Australia. Water Resources Research, 50 (11). pp. 9067-9087.

Lewis, Stephen E., Bainbridge, Zöe T., Kuhnert, Petra M., Sherman, Bradford S., Henderson, Brent, Dougall, Cameron, Cooper, Michelle, and Brodie, Jon E. (2013) Calculating sediment trapping efficiencies for reservoirs in tropical settings: a case study from the Burdekin Falls Dam, NE Australia. Water Resources Research, 49 (2). pp. 1017-1029.

Kuhnert, Petra M., Henderson, Brent L., Lewis, Stephen E., Bainbridge, Zoe T., Wilkinson, Scott N., and Brodie, Jon E. (2012) Quantifying total suspended sediment export from the Burdekin River catchment using the loads regression estimator tool. Water Resources Research, 48 (4). W04533. pp. 1-18.

Kroon, Frederieke J., Kuhnert, Petra M., Henderson, Brent L., Wilkinson, Scott N., Kinsey-Henderson, Anne, Abbot, Brett, Brodie, Jon E., and Turner, Ryan D.R. (2012) River loads of suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorus and herbicides delivered to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 65 (4-9). pp. 167-181.

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