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Capper, Angela, Erickson, Amy, Ritson-Williams, Raphael, Becerro, Mikel A., Arthur, Karen A., and Paul, Valerie (2016) Palatability and chemical defenses of benthic cyanobacteria to a suite of herbivores. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 474. pp. 100-108.

DeBose, Jennifer L., and Paul, Valerie J. (2014) Chemical signatures of multi-species foraging aggregations are attractive to fish. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 498. pp. 243-248.

Clark, Kathryn E., Capper, Angela, Della Togna, Gina, Paul, Valerie J., Romero, Luz I., Johns, Timothy, Cubilla-Rios, Luis, and Capson, Todd L. (2013) Ecology- and bioassay-guided drug discovery for treatments of tropical parasitic disease: 5α,8α-epidioxycholest-6-en-3β-ol isolated from the mollusk Dolabrifera dolabrifera shows significant activity against Leishmania donovani. Natural Product Communications, 8 (11). pp. 1537-1540.

Richmond, Robert H., Houk, Peter, Trianni, Michael, Wolanski, Eric, Davis, Gerry, Bonito, Victor, and Paul, Valerie J. (2008) Aspects of biology and ecological functioning of coral reefs in Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. In: Riegl, Bernhard M, and Dodge, Richard E, (eds.) Coral Reefs of the USA. Coral Reefs of the World, 1 . Springer , Netherlands, pp. 719-739.

Capper, A., and Paul, V.J. (2008) Grazer interactions with four species of Lyngbya in southeast Florida. Harmful Algae, 7. pp. 717-728.

Capper, Angela, Cruz-Rivera, Edwin, Paul, Valerie J., and Tibbetts, Ian R. (2006) Chemical deterrence of a marine cyanobacterium against sympatric and non-sympatric consumers. Hydrobiologia, 553 (1). pp. 319-326.

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