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Zamborain-Mason, Jessica, Cinner, Joshua E., MacNeil, M. Aaron, Graham, Nicholas A.J., Hoey, Andrew S., Beger, Maria, Brooks, Andrew J., Booth, David J., Edgar, Graham J., Feary, David A., Ferse, Sebastian C.A., Friedlander, Alan M., Gough, Charlotte L.A., Green, Alison L., Mouillot, David, Polunin, Nicholas V.C., Stuart-smith, Rick D., Wantiez, Laurent, Williams, Ivor D., Wilson, Shaun K., and Connolly, Sean R. (2023) Sustainable reference points for multispecies coral reef fisheries. Nature Communications, 14 (1). 5368.

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Ferse, Sebastian C.A., Hein, Margaux Y., and Rölfer, Lena (2021) A survey of current trends and suggested future directions in coral transplantation for reef restoration. PLoS ONE, 16 (5). e0249966.

Cinner, Joshua E., Zamborain Mason, Jessica, Gurney, Georgina G., Graham, Nicholas A.J., MacNeil, M. Aaron, Hoey, Andrew S., Mora, Camilo, Villéger, Sébastien, Maire, Eva, McClanahan, Tim R., Maina, Joseph M., Kittinger, John N., Hicks, Christina C., D'agata, Stephanie, Huchery, Cindy, Barnes, Michele L., Feary, David A., Williams, Ivor D., Kulbicki, Michel, Vigliola, Laurent, Wantiez, Laurent, Edgar, Graham J., Stuart-smith, Rick D., Sandin, Stuart A., Green, Alison L., Beger, Maria, Friedlander, Alan, Wilson, Shaun K., brokovich, Eran, Brooks, Andrew J., Cruz-Motta, Juan J., Booth, David J., Chabanet, Pascal, Tupper, Mark, Ferse, Sebastian C.A., Sumaila, U. Rashid, Hardt, Marah J., and Mouillot, David (2020) Meeting fisheries, ecosystem function, and biodiversity goals in a human-dominated world. Science, 368 (6488). pp. 307-311.

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