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Murto, Christine, Ariza, Liana, Alencar, Carlos Henrique, Chichava, Olga André, Oliveira, Alexcian Rodrigues, Kaplan, Charles, Marques da Silva, Luciana Ferreira, and Heukelbach, Jorg (2014) Migration among individuals with leprosy: a population-based study in Central Brazil. Cadernos de Saúde Pública, 30 (3). pp. 487-501.

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Kiesewetter, Tim, Ariza, Liana, Martins, Maria M., Limongi, Jean E., Junqueira da Silva, Juliana, Mendes, Júlio, Lins Calheiros, Cláudia M., Becher, Heiko, and Heukelbach, Jorg (2013) In vitro efficacy of four insecticides against eggs of Tunga penetrans (Siphonaptera). Open Dermatology Journal, 7. pp. 15-18.

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Heukelbach, Jörg, Ramos, Alberto Novaes, Ugbomoiko, Uade Samuel, and Ariza, Liana (2010) Rapid assessment of head lice infestations. In: Heukelbach, Jörg, (ed.) Management and Control of Head Lice Infestations. Uni-Med Verlag AG, Bremen, Germany, p. 51.

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Ariza, Liana, Gomide, Marcia, Ramos Jr., Alberto Novaes, Leggat, Peter A., and Heukelbach, Jörg (2007) Survey of visitors to a National Park in the savannah region of northeast Brazil: practices, incidents and hazardous situations. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 5 (1). pp. 1-6.

Ariza, Liana, Seidenschwang, Martin, Buckendahl, John, Gomide, Marcia, Feldmeier, Hermann, and Heukelbach, Jörg (2007) Tungiasis: a neglected disease causing severe morbidity in a shantytown in Fortaleza, state of Ceará. Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical. Revista , 40 (1). pp. 63-67.

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