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Jordan, Lucy, Zhou, Xiaochen, Abdullah, Alhassan, and Emery, Clifton R. (2024) Gendered Dimensions of Demand for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Violence Against Women. (In Press)

Zhou, Xiaochen, Jordan, Lucy P., and O'Leary, Patrick (2024) Organizational and service support for boys' pathways out of commercial sexual exploitation in Nepal: Key learning for an under-recognized population. Child and Family Social Work. (In Press)

Arat, Gizem, Jordan, Lucy P., Chui, Cheryl H.K., and Wong, Paul W,C. (2023) Developing a conceptual framework towards promoting a socially inclusive Hong Kong. Journal of Asian Public Policy, 16 (2). pp. 237-253.

Chow, Cheng, Zhou, Xiaochen, Fu, Yao, Jampaklay, Aree, and Jordan, Lucy P. (2023) From Left-Behind Children to Youth Labor Migrants: The Impact of Household Networks, Gendered Migration, and Relay Migration in Southeast Asia. Social Sciences, 12 (3). 135.

Fu, Yao, Jordan, Lucy P., Zhou, Xiaochen, Chow, Cheng, and Fang, Lue (2023) Longitudinal associations between parental migration and children's psychological well-being in Southeast Asia: The roles of caregivers' mental health and caregiving quality. Social Science and Medicine, 320. 115701.

Emery, Clifton R., Abdullah, Alhassan, and Jordan, Lucy P. (2023) Protective Community Norms and Mental Health Risks for Severe Physical Abuse: Lessons From a Nationally Representative Study of Ghana. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 38 (13-14). pp. 8593-8618.

Abdullah, Alhassan, Bentum, Hajara, Frederico, Margarita, Mensah, Felix, Jordan, Lucy P., and Emery, Clifton R. (2023) Protective indigenous collective value of Ubuntu and child neglect: Implications for rural child protection practice. Child and Family Social Work, 28 (4). pp. 1035-1045.

Abdullah, Alhassan, Emery, Clifton R., Dwumah, Peter, and Jordan, Lucy P. (2023) Towards a normative change approach in child labour: A theoretical analysis and empirical exploration of the constituted and constitutive procedural social norms. New Ideas in Psychology, 70. 101032.

Fu, Yao, Jordan, Lucy P., Hoiting, Iris, Kim, Thida, and Wickramage, Kolitha (2023) ‘We have similar sad stories’: A life history analysis of left-behind children in Cambodian residential care. Children and Youth Services Review, 155. 107234.

Wang, Wei, Hoang, Andrew Pau, and Jordan, Lucy Porter (2023) The intimate affliction of vicarious racialization: Afro-Chinese couples in South China. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 24 (3). pp. 397-412.

Abdullah, Alhassan, Jordan, Lucy P., and Emery, Clifton R. (2023) The protective effects of the collective cultural value of abiriwatia against child neglect: Results from a nationally representative survey. Child Abuse and Neglect, 138. 106068.

Kerelian, Narine N., and Jordan, Lucy P. (2016) The highly-skilled in Hong Kong 'Asia's world city'. In: Xu, Qingwen, and Jordan, Lucy, (eds.) Migrant Workers: Social Identity, Occupational Challenges and Health Practices. Nova Science Publishers, New York, NY, USA, pp. 191-211.

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