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Also publishes as (Joan M. Bentrupperbäumer, Joan M. Bentrupperbaumer, Joan Bentrupperbäumer)

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Flick, Brigitta, Caltabiano, Nerina, and Bentrupperbäumer, Joan (2010) Retired farmers’ perception regarding the riparian forests in the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon catchment. Psychology & Society, 3 (1). pp. 107-126.

Flick, Brigitta, Caltabiano, Nerina, and Bentrupperbaumer, Joan (2009) The impact of attitudes on streamside forest management practice by landowners in Far North Queensland. Etropic: electronic journal of studies in the tropics, 8. pp. 1-12.

Bentrupperbaumer, Joan, and Reser, Joseph (2008) Encountering a World heritage landscape: community and visitor perspectives and experiences. In: Stork, Nigel E., and Turton, Stephen M., (eds.) Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape. Blackwell Publishing, Carlton, VIC, Australia, pp. 387-397.

Reser, Joseph, and Bentrupperbaumer, Joan (2008) Framing and researching the impacts of visitation and use in protected areas. In: Stork, Nigel E., and Turton, Stephen M., (eds.) Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape. Blackwell Publishing, Carlton, VIC, Australia, pp. 420-429.

Bentrupperbaumer, Joan M., Day, Tara J., and Reser, Joseph P. (2006) Uses, meanings, and understandings of values in the environmental and protected area arena: a consideration of "World Heritage" values. Society & Natural Resources, 19 (8). pp. 723-741.

Westcott, David A., Bentrupperbaumer, Joan, Bradford, Matt G., and McKeown, Adam (2005) Incorporating patterns of disperser behaviour into models of seed dispersal and its effects on estimated dispersal curves. Oecologia, 146 (1). pp. 57-67.

Bentrupperbaumer, Joan M. (2005) Human dimension of wildlife interactions. In: Newsome, David, Dowling, Ross K., and Moore, Susan A., (eds.) Wildlife Tourism. Aspects of Tourism . Channel View Publications, Clevedon, UK, pp. 82-112.

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Reser, Joseph P., and Bentrupperbäumer, Joan M. (2005) The psychosocial impacts of visitation and use in World Heritage areas: research and monitoring sustainable environments and encounters. In: Filho, Walter Leal, (ed.) Handbook of Sustainability Research. Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability (20). Peter Lang , Frankfurt, Germany, pp. 235-263.

Reser, Joseph, Bentrupperbaumer, Joan, and Pannell, Sandra (2000) Highway construction(s) and world heritage values: roads taken and roads forsaken in the cultural landscapes of the wet tropics of North Queensland and the Antipodean imaginary. People and Physical Environment Research, 55-56. pp. 38-53.

Bentrupperbaumer, Joan (1997) Reciprocal ecosystem impact and behavioural interactions between cassowaries, Casuarius casuarius, and humans, homo sapiens: exploring the natural-human environment interface and its implications for endangered species recovery in North Queensland, Australia. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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