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Also publishes as (Robert Day, Rob. W. Day)

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Jeunen, Gert-Jan, Cane, Jasmine S., Ferreira, Sara, Strano, Francesca, von Ammon, Ulla, Cross, Hugh, Day, Robert, Hesseltine, Sean, Ellis, Kaleb, Urban, Lara, Pearson, Niall, Olmedo-Rojas, Pamela, Kardailsky, Anya, Gemmell, Neil J., and Lamare, Miles (2023) Assessing the utility of marine filter feeders for environmental DNA (eDNA) biodiversity monitoring. Molecular Ecology Resources, 23 (4). pp. 771-786.

Watson, Sue-Ann, Morley, Simon A., Bates, Amanda E., Clark, Melody S., Day, Robert W., Lamare, Miles, Martin, Stephanie M., Southgate, Paul C., Tan, Koh Siang, Tyler, Paul A., and Peck, Lloyd S. (2014) Low global sensitivity of metabolic rate to temperature in calcified marine invertebrates. Oecologia, 174 (1). pp. 45-54.

Watson, Sue-Ann, Peck, Lloyd S., Tyler, Paul A., Southgate, Paul C., Tan, Koh Siang, Day, Robert W., and Morley, Simon A. (2012) Marine invertebrate skeleton size varies with latitude, temperature and carbonate saturation: implications for global change and ocean acidification. Global Change Biology, 18 (10). pp. 3026-3038.

Hutson, Kate S., Ross, D. Jeff, Day, Rob. W., Ahern, John J., and UNSPECIFIED (2005) Australian scallops do not recognise the introduced predatory seastar Asterias amurensis. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 298. pp. 305-309.

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