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Banković, A., Dujko, S., White, R.D., Malović, G., Buckman, S.J., and Petrović, Z.Lj. (2011) Positron transport in molecular gases in crossed electric and magnetic fields. Journal of Physics: conference series, 262. 012007. pp. 1-5.

Petrović, Z.Lj., Banković, A., Marjanović, S., Šukakov, M., Dujko, S., Malović, G., White, R.D., and Buckman, S.J. (2011) Positrons in gas filled traps and their transport in molecular gases. Journal of Physics: conference series, 262. 012046. pp. 1-4.

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Banković, Ana, Dujko, Saša, White, Ronald D., Marler, Joan P., Malović, Gordana, Buckman, Stephen J., and Petrović, Zoran Lj. (2010) On diffusion of positrons in electric and magnetic fields in molecular gases. Publications of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, 89. pp. 67-70.

Petrović, Z. Lj., Banković, A., Dujko, S., Marjanović, S., Šuvakov, M., Malović, G., Marler, J.P., Buckman, S.J., White, R.D., and Robson, R.E. (2010) On new developments in the physics of positron swarms. Journal of Physics: conference series, 199 (1). 012016. pp. 1-5.

Makochekanwa, Casten, Bankovic, Ana, Tattersall, Wade, Jones, Adric, Caradonna, Peter, Slaughter, Daniel S., Nixon, Kate, Brunger, Michael J., Petrovic, Zoran, Sullivan, James P., and Buckman, Stephen J. (2009) Total and positronium formation cross sections for positron scattering from H2O and HCOOH. New Journal of Physics, 11. pp. 2-22.

Sullivan, J.P., Buckman, S.J., Jones, A., Caradonna, P., Makochekanwa, C., Slaughter, D., Petrovic, Z.Lj., Bankovic, A., Dujko, S., Marler, J.P., and White, R.D. (2009) Low energy positron interactions - trapping, transport and scattering. Journal of Physics: conference series, 162. pp. 1-17.

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