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Schwarzkopf, Lin, Roe, Paul, McDonald, Paul G., Watson, David M., Fuller, Richard A., and Allen-Ankins, Slade (2023) Can an acoustic observatory contribute to the conservation of threatened species? Austral Ecology, 48 (7). pp. 1230-1237.

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Gallo-Cajiao, Eduardo, Dolšak, Nives, Prakash, Aseem, Mundkur, Taej, Harris, Paul G., Mitchell, Ronald B., Davidson, Nick, Hansen, Birgita, Woodworth, Bradley K., Fuller, Richard A., Price, Melissa, Petkov, Nicky, Mauerhofer, Volker, Morrison, Tiffany H., Watson, James E.M., Chowdhury, Sayam U., Zöckler, Christoph, Widerberg, Oscar, Yong, Ding Li, Klich, Daniel, Smagol, Vitaliy, Piccolo, John, and Biggs, Duan (2023) Implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the governance of biodiversity conservation. Frontiers in Conservation Science, 4. 989019.

Murray, Nicholas J., Phinn, Stuart P., Fuller, Richard A., DeWitt, Michael, Ferrari, Renata, Johnston, Renee, Clinton, Nicholas, and Lyons, Mitchell B. (2022) High-resolution global maps of tidal flat ecosystems from 1984 to 2019. Scientific Data, 9 (1). 542.

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Xiao, Hui, Chadès, Iadine, Hill, Narelle, Murray, Nicholas, Fuller, Richard A., and Mcdonald-Madden, Eve (2021) Conserving migratory species while safeguarding ecosystem services. Ecological Modelling, 442. 109442.

Jackson, Micha V., Fuller, Richard A., Gan, Xiaojing, Li, Jing, Mao, Dehua, Melville, David S., Murray, Nicholas, Wang, Zongming, and Choi, Chi-Yeung (2021) Dual threat of tidal flat loss and invasive Spartina alterniflora endanger important shorebird habitat in coastal mainland China. Journal of Environmental Management, 278 (Part 2). 111549.

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Polak, Tal, Watson, James, Fuller, Richard, Joseph, Liana, Martin, Tara, Possingham, Hugh, Venter, Oscar, and Carwardine, Josie (2015) Efficient expansion of global protected areas requires simultaneous planning for species and ecosystems. Royal Society Open Science, 2. 150107.

Venter, Oscar, Fuller, Richard A., Segan, Daniel B., Carwardine, Josie, Brooks, Thomas, Butchart, Stuart H.M., Di Marco, Moreno, Iwamura, Takuya, Joseph, Liana, O'Grady, Damien, Possingham, Hugh P., Rondinini, Carlo, Smith, Robert J., Venter, Michelle, and Watson, James E.M. (2014) Targeting global protected area expansion for imperiled biodiversity. PLoS Biology, 12 (6). e1001891. pp. 1-7.

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