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Roberts, Eric M., Sampson, Scott D., Deino, Alan L., Bowring, Samuel A., and Buchwaldt, Robert (2013) The Kaiparowits Formation: a remarkable record of late Cretaceous terrestrial environments, ecosystems, and evolution in western North America. In: Titus, Alan L., and Loewen, Mark A., (eds.) At the Top of the Grand Staircase: the late Cretaceous of Southern Utah. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, USA, pp. 85-106.

Hanson, Richard E, Crowley, James L., Bowring, Samuel A., Ramezani, Jahandar, Gose, Wulf A., Dalziel, Ian W.D., Pancake, James A., Seidel, Emily K., Blenkinsop, Tom, and Mukwakwami, Joshua (2004) Coeval large-scale magmatism in the Kalahari and Laurentian Cratons during Rodinia assembly. Science, 304 (5674). pp. 1126-1129.

Hargrove, Ulysses S., Hanson, Richard E., Martin, Mark W., Blenkinsop, Thomas G., Bowring, Samuel A., Walker, Nicholas, and Munyanyiwa, Hubert (2003) Tectonic evolution of the Zambezi orogenic belt: geochronological, structural, and petrological constraints from northern Zimbabwe. Precambrian Research, 123 (2-4). pp. 159-186.

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